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Assenmacher 3206 Door/Trim/Molding Tool Set
Assenmacher 3206 Door/Trim/Molding Tool Set

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Tillman Tools Price: $78.94
Manufacturer Part Number: 3206
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SKU: AST3206


Assenmacher 3206 Door/Trim/Molding Tool Set

  • Set includes a T-25 long Torx screwdriver Shank Length 10 inches for accessing door handles on various BMW and Mercedes models.
  • One trim spoon and one light duty hook is included for various interior jobs. Includes a specialty door handle tool for VW Tiguan models, as well as one pair of trim and cluster hooks.
  • Three soft wedges are also included for various trim and molding jobs both for interior and exterior applications.
  • Includes carrying pouch.

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