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OTC 3890 Brake Fluid Safety Meter
OTC 3890 Brake Fluid Safety Meter

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Tillman Tools Price: $641.73
Manufacturer Part Number: 3890
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SKU: OTC3890

OTC Tools OTC 3890 Brake Fluid Safety Meter.  Check condition of brake fluid in less than a minute!  Water can enter a brake system though microscopic holes anywhere in the system. Once inside it can cause corrosion in system components...it can vaporize under the high heat conditions of hard braking situations. . . it can cause dangerous degradation of your customers ability to stop safely! The No. 3890 lets you find out if your customers are safe or not in under a minute. It actually boils a small sample of brake fluid in the reservoir to test for water contamination.  FEATURES:  Powered by the vehicle battery; wont operate if connected to the wrong polarity.  On-screen prompts lead you quickly through testing.  Youll find the minimum boiling (vaporizing point) along with minimum recommended levels for various types of brake fluid.  Works on DOT 3, DOT4, and DOT 5.1 fluids.  No consumable test strips, buy this tool and test every vehicle that comes into your shop.  Specifications: Accuracy 212 - 356F 1% typical, 3% max. Accuracy above 356F 3%typical, 5% max. Testing Time 15-60 seconds; Operating Temp Range 32 - 122F.

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