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OTC 6679 Cam Gear Clamp & Holder Set
OTC 6679 Cam Gear Clamp & Holder Set

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Manufacturer Part Number: 6679
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SKU: OTC6679


OTC 6679 Cam Gear Clamp & Holder Set

The holders clamp between the engine block or head and the back of the gear to lock it in place. The cam gear clamp is used between two adjacent gears to lock them together and eliminate movement.

  • Use on single, dual, or quad cam engines; to hold valve timing during belt replacement.
  • Excellent for diesel injection pump belt replacement.
  • The cam gear holders universal design are quick and easy to install.
  • The cam gear clamp has a positive lock tooth design to secure all sizes of cam gears.

Manufacturer: SPX/Bosch (OTC Rotunda Kent-Moore Miller)

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