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OTC 7509 Complete Inner CV Joint Puller Set
OTC 7509 Complete Inner CV Joint Puller Set

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Manufacturer Part Number: 7509
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SKU: OTC7509


OTC 7509 Complete Inner CV Joint Puller Set

Includes slide hammer No. 1155 and CV joint fork No. 7507.

This is the puller you need for CV work on many Ford cars. Used with a slide hammer, it will remove an axle assembly from the transaxle without causing damage to expensive aluminum transmission cases or other components.

This tool pulls C.V. joints on 1986 to current Taurus/Sable. It will also pull other joints having hidden retaining rings.
Pry bars can damage expensive aluminum transmission cases, & attempting to do the job by pulling on the axis can damage the roller bearing inside the C.V. joint.

With this puller, the axle assembly is popped out of the transaxle without damage, thanks to the straight, even pull provided by the slide hammer.

Manufacturer: SPX/Bosch (OTC Rotunda Kent-Moore Miller)

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