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Polyvance 6012-P Replacement Element 200W 120V w/ US Plug

Polyvance 6012-P Replacement Element 200W 120V

This is ceramic element assembly that comes with the ATVPRO kit, the KCWPRO kit and other Airless Plastic Welders with a North American plug. The previous design had a Ni-Chrome wire that, like a light bulb, would seem to burn out at the most inopportune time. This design, however, has a ceramic element that lasts WAY longer. In fact, we put this element on our cycle-tester to see how long it would last. The cycle tester would turn on the element for 30 minutes, then turn off the element for 30 minutes. This cycle happened 24 times a day for 9 months (a total of 6,500 cycles) and the element never burned out.

Here is another great thing about this element. In the unlikely event that the ceramic core burns out, you can replace just the ceramic core! Of course, what is more likely to happen is that the ceramic element will break if you happen to drop the element assembly.

We got tired of dealing with suppliers who said "this is what we have to offer. Take it or leave it." So, we started from scratch and designed our own.

  • We wanted an element that would last a long time, so we designed it with a ceramic element.
  • We wanted an element that had a replacable heater so that you don't have to buy the entire assembly if the heater breaks or burns out.
  • We wanted an element that gets hot quickly and has enough power to keep the element hot, so we made it 200 watts. This has WAY more power than most off-the-shelf elements. Most off-the-shelf elements are typically in the 40W to 80W range.

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