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Caterpillar 6749 ENL80-0054 9S9082 Mac Engine Barring Tool, Alt.

Caterpillar Mack EUI MUI E7 ETEC Engine Barring Tool 6749 ENL80-0054 9S9082 Alt

Caterpillar and Mack Engine Barring Socket - Wrench Hand Tool for CAT 3200/3406 Series C13 C15 C16 3208 3400 3406e 3508 3512 3500 EUI MUI and Mack E-7 E7 ETEC Alternative to 6749 ENL80-0054 9S9082.

Amazing hand tool for turning over the engine, makes adjusting injectors and valve lash easier. Used to manually turn the engine when servicing. Works great, by allowing you to pin the flywheel without the help of another person.

Heavy Duty Turning Socket Alternative to OEM 6749 ENL80-0054 & 9S9082. Engine barring tool works on Caterpillar 3200/3406 Series C13 C15 C16 3208 3400 3406e 3508 3512 3500 EUI MUI engines and Mack E-7 ETEC engine

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