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Final Sand Paste - Final Sand Catalyst Industries Sanding Paste - FSPB11

Final Sand Catalyst Industries FSPB11 Sanding Paste, 11 oz

Catalyst Industries formulated Final Sand in 1994 and later received a Patent on it s formulation.

Final Sand is the fastest sanding, cleanest rinsing hand sanding (Matting) paste in the industry. While Final Sand was primarily formulated for use in Blending Applications, it is also excellent for Bumper Prep (and other plastic parts), and as a final clean up before painting. An irreplaceable, top of the line product for the professional auto body paint technician.

  • Quick prep of panels for blending color and clearcoating.
  • Easy prep for sail panel blending. Use anywhere a DA cannot reach.
  • Use FINAL SAND to clean the entire job and ensure that all areas are completely prepped.
  • Extremely fast cutting action
  • Gives uniform fine scratch
  • Rinses clean easily & leaves no residue
  • Sudsing action removes road grime while you sand
  • Biodegradable and neutral pH

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