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Lenco 29745 LP-745  Switch - On/Off Lenco 26143 B-143 Long Reach Spot Welding Tip 2 Pk
Lenco 29745 LP-745 Switch - On/Off
Tillman Tools Price: $15.13

Lenco 29745 Switch - On/Off LP-745l

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Lenco 26144 B-144 Welding Tip with 4 RW Taper (Pk of 2)

Lenco LC26144 (NLC Inc Welding) Spot Welder Welding Tip

  • Item: Lenco B-143 Long Reach Spot Welding Tip 2 Pk
  • Type: Long Reach Arm
  • Use: Lenco Spot Welder

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