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OTC 5702 Tire Bead Seater
OTC 5702 Tire Bead Seater

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Tillman Tools Price: $618.96
Manufacturer Part Number: 5702
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SKU: OTC5702

OTC Tools OTC 5702  Tire Bead Seater   The 5702 OTC Tire Bead Seater provides many of the great features of its 5713 big brother, at a more economical price!      The trigger-style discharge valve allows for optimum airflow control  while allowing both hands to firmly hold the tank/valve assembly,  critical for effective and safe use.     Unique nozzle design significantly reduces "blowback recoil" and  contains discharge holes             strategically placed for optimum inflation  of a wide range of tire sizes and wheel diameters.     Inline design allows for a comfortable distance from the tire and wheel while seating.     ASME approved 2-gallon tank with inlet valve, pressure gauge, and relief pressure valve for safety.

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