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Assenmacher WSC15 Wire Soldering Clamp, AST Wire Holder For Soldering
Assenmacher WSC15 Wire Soldering Clamp
Tillman Tools Price: $45.41

Assenmacher WSC15 Wire Soldering Clamp

Assenmacher WSC15 Soldering Clamp is a very useful tool for soldering wires! The magnetic base is great for providing stability and keeping the clamp securely in place. The flexible arm allows for easy positioning and adjusting to different angles. The spring-loaded connectors ensure a secure grip on the wire during the soldering process. And it's definitely a plus that it can be used with various gauges of wiring.

The Assenmacher WSC15 wire clamp tool is a handy tool to have for any soldering projects involving wires.

  • 7" Flex Cable for difficult to reach areas
  • Spring Loaded
  • Articulating Claws Clamp onto Wires to hold them firmly
  • This Magnetic soldering clamp holds wires firmly in place during soldering, like a second set of extra hands

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