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J&J Tool Model 2000 Universal Joint Puller Kit

J&J Tool 2000 Universal Joint Puller Kit

The J&J Tool 2000 Universal Joint Puller Kit, together with the 4Life-Update Kit, can be used on Spicer Life Series Driveshafts. This tool, result of over 7 years of meticulous design, development, and testing, offers a unique and efficient way to disassemble heavy-duty Rockwell and Spicer universal joints. The tool is cost-effective, reliable, and easy to use, boasting an impressive 7 tons of non-slip pulling power.

This J and J Tool Company Universal Joint Tool Kit a speedy solution, using half the setup time compared to other pullers. The U Joint Puller Kit’s design simplifies the disassembling process, needing only to: remove two cap screws, screw in the alignment studs, position the cables around the cross, and then pull. This results in time and cost savings.

The J&J U Joint Puller Kit is also a safer option because it is securely bolted to the yoke, preventing slips and potential injuries. The tool stands out for its durability as well, able to withstand repeated use and high levels of pressure without being damaged—if used correctly.

Unlike other methods that may damage bearings and bearing surfaces, the J&J tool cleverly avoids these areas, using cables looped around the cross. In addition, this tool can also be used to realign the bearing cap during reassembly, ensuring a smooth, accurate process, and further preventing damage.

Designed to work with multiple series and an array of alignment studs, the J&J Puller is a cost-effective, convenient, and practical tool, and made in North America. This 4 1/2 lb tool proves that size doesn't limit power—it can pull over 7 tons!

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