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Kent-Moore EL-52016-2A Battery Coolant Passage Test Adapter

Kent-Moore EL-52016-2A Battery Coolant Passage Test Adapter

Application: 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV

EL-52016-2A is a dual-end adapter that is used to plug the outlet coolant passage ports in the Bolt EV battery pack. EL-52016-2A is used with EL-52016-1A to provide a way to evacuate residual coolant out of the cooling passages in a battery pack that is being removed from the Bolt EV. It also allows pressure and smoke testing of the battery coolant passage system for leaks before installing the pack into the vehicle after diagnostics and internal cooling system component service has been performed. For coolant evacuation the adapter is used with previously GE-47716 Vac-N-Fill. For pressure and smoke testing the adapter is used with the previously essential GE-50389 Coolant Pressure Test Quick Connector, EN-24460-A Cooling System Pressure Tester hand-pump and GE-41413-A EVAP/Smoke Machine.

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