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OTC 4521 Hose Removal Tool OTC 4599 Brake Bleeder Hose Kent-Moore J-1853 Detroit Diesel Injector Timing Gauge -1.460"
Kent-Moore PT-6410-4A Small Replacement Foot for ZTSE2536 Cylinder Liner Puller Monaco 20147-3 Stud & Nut Assembly with Washer PT-6400-9A Large Puller  Replacement Foot for ZTSE2536 | PT-6400-C  | PT-6410-B | Cylinder Liner Puller Tool | Kent-Moore
Kent-Moore PT-6400-15 Bushing Kent-Moore J-47912-QC Coupler Fitting Kent-Moore J-24889 Detroit Diesel Injector Rack Gauge 0.345
Kent-Moore PT-2900-3  Straight Extension Kent-Moore PT-6400-53 Arm Extension Tool Aid 35300 Diesel Engine Compression Test Adapter for John Deere & Caterpillar
Kent-Moore PT-2900-3 Straight Extension
Tillman Tools Price: $40.37
Kent-Moore MEL1355-12 Quick Coupler, 1/4" Female Valve Lash Feeler Gauge Set | J-9708-C | Kent-Moore Kent-Moore PT-2900-2 90 Degree Curve Extension
Cummins 3163530 Engine Jake Brake Feeler Gauge Shim 7MM Adjustment Tool Alternative Kent-Moore PT-6400-16 Special Lifting Bolt Kent-Moore J-25559 Injector Rack Gauge
Kent-Moore J-25559 Injector Rack Gauge
Tillman Tools Price: $52.21
PT-2200-6 Counterbore Cutter Replacement Bit CB10 | Kent-Moore Valve Guide Remover | Kent-Moore | J-34696-B Kent-Moore PT-5020-5 Extension Arm
Kent-Moore PT-5020-5 Extension Arm
Tillman Tools Price: $54.96
Kent-Moore PT-6400-3 Base Arm Assembly Kent-Moore PT-2200-93 Carbide Cutter Monaco 10100 Spanner Wrench - CAT 3406B Nozzle Retainer
Kent-Moore PT-2200-93 Carbide Cutter
Tillman Tools Price: $56.14
Kent-Moore PT-4370-45 Support Plate Kent-Moore J-24882 Injector Rack Gauge Kent-Moore PT-2000-109 Cutter
Kent-Moore PT-4370-45 Support Plate
Tillman Tools Price: $64.63
Kent-Moore J-24882 Injector Rack Gauge
Tillman Tools Price: $65.84
Kent-Moore J-35686-20 Crankshaft Seal Installer Spacer Kent-Moore PT-8320 Repair Bushing Cummins  2892174 ISX 11.9 CM2250 Timing Pin Kit |  Alternative
Kent-Moore PT-8320 Repair Bushing
Tillman Tools Price: $72.51