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Schley 16200 Mobia Hose Clamp Lock Set
Schley 16200 Mobia Hose Clamp Lock Set
Tillman Tools Price: $37.43

Schley 16200 Mobia Hose Clamp Lock Set

These ingenious patent pending specialty hose clamp locks are a technician’s secret weapon when it comes time to service the engine hoses that use spring clamps to fasten them in place.

Offered in a set of three different sizes, they cover the range of hose clamp sizes and help the technician work more efficiently.

Traditionally, the challenge a mechanic faces is that they need to either unload the clamp, which is then difficult to reload, or leave their expensive pliers locked in place and that can tie them up for the duration of the job.

This set of Spring Hose Clamp Locks allows the technician to keep the clamp loaded while freeing up the pliers to move on to the next clamp. A set of these in a technician’s box provide the potential to make higher profits during a standard work day in the shop.


  • Three sizes to fit most clamp styles
  • Compact size; stays out of your way
  • Frees up your expensive pliers to be used on the next clamp

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