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OTC 6087 GM Injection Pump Wrench Set
OTC 6087 GM Injection Pump Wrench Set

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Tillman Tools Price: $171.96
Manufacturer Part Number: 6087
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SKU: OTC6087

OTC Tools OTC 6087 GM Injection Pump Wrench Set. OTC Tools.   Use to loosen or tighten injection pump retaining bolts whenever  pump timing adjustment or pump service is required. Services 19961999  GM full-size 2- and 4-wheel drive trucks, vans, and Suburbans with 6.5L  diesel engine.   Two specially bent wrenches are needed, due to the location of  the throttle, cruise control, T.V. cable bracket, cooling system  crossover pipe and bracket, and the thermostat housing on vans and  pickups.   Wrenches are 15 mm, 12-point, double box-end type.                      Email for product availability.

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