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Caterpillar 6V-9050 Manifold Bolts and Studs Repair Set, Alternative

Caterpillar 3200 3300 3400 C9 C15 C-16 C18 C27 C32 Stud Removal Tool Kit 6V-9050 Alternative | CAT Manifold Bolts and Studs Repair Set

Designed to remove broken exhaust manifold studs and bolts.

Consists of drill fixture, 2 alignment bushings, 2 drill bushings, and 2 drills

Removal of broken stud begins by using disc grinder to grind broken stud so 164-3755 Drill Fixture can be secured to cylinder head; 1/8 inch drill and drill bushing first used to drill completely through broken stud; then stud is drilled out using 5/16 inch drill and drill bushing.

Since bolts are used to retain exhaust manifolds on 3200 Family Engines, HeliCoil is acceptable for repair of these heads; however, studs with taper lock threads are used to retain exhaust manifolds on 3300 and 3400 Family Engines and HeliCoil cannot be satisfactorily used to repair cylinder heads on these engines.

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